Becoming an Entrepreneur

Everyone wants to gain success, and after all the companies that have nagged you, spammed you, mistreated you, or otherwise destroyed your efforts when they claimed they were there to provide a service, we are here to help YOU build YOUR story for YOUR success. Failure is a learning mechanism, but our society does not accept that beyond the level of one of those old sayings no one truly thinks about because it emphasizes the “What” rather than the “How.”

Our society rewards genius as something atomic, as if it cannot be formalized into a system that can be learned. The media and modern authors emphasize that genius is something that is built-in and either you have it or you don’t.

But that is not true.

Our company is now providing the formula of entrepreneurial genius. Marketing is the core to success when you have a good product to sell, so a good formula for marketing is a good formula for entrepreneurial success.

After years of experimental usage of Predicate Calculus, HOL and other mathematical tools to analyze our content marketing campaigns, we have refined the approach down to a very simple, exclusive, and robust system that gives our members the foundation they need for success.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let us talk about how we intend to communicate this to our audience. We are a broad agency, dealing with things from marketing to mathematical systems that help our marketing tactics and campaigns perform more effectively.

So, needless to say, we like to be orderly, and we have decided that in order to recruit aspiring entrepreneurs to test and review our program, we are beginning with a simple News Letter.

This letter is called the Entrepreneur Insider, and it will eventually connect to our group system, and our new user type, but that is for later. For now, this is a communication project. We are connecting entrepreneurs to the resources they need, and focusing on their story rather than ours.

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